Process Sheet

Pieces begin with a combination of drawings and paintings done directly from nature, memory and imagination, and photographic imagery. The long, arduous process of carving becomes a meditation on that experience and the intrinsic beauty of the relief print amplifies the subject through energetic and radiant line work. The blocks are printed on an etching press and color is added with watercolor, encaustic medium, or through reduction and/or multi-block printing. Block prints or relief prints are created in an edition of original pieces. The size of the edition is on the bottom of the number, and the placement of the print in the edition is the top number. For example, the edition number 3/18 means that it is the third print created in an edition of 18 prints. Reproductions are photographs of the original piece that are printed from a computer using an archival inkjet printer.

Some relief prints are applied to gessoed wood panels using archival paste. Encaustic medium is then applied. Encaustic is the oldest medium that uses a binder. It was first used in Egypt @3500 years ago as Egypt was the first civilization to domesticate bees. Encaustic is beeswax mixed with damar resin to harden and clarify it, and pigments can be added to the clear base medium. It is an excellent protector and preserver of the paper relief prints. It has allowed me to work much larger and to combine triptychs onto the same base.